About The Founder: Mr. Imad El Hassan, A Real Estate Expert

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Mr. Imad El Hassan, a real estate expert with many years of expertise in real estate and finance, both in Lebanon, Europe, and the USA, formed Mr. Imad El Hassan Sakan Real Estate. He is comfortable speaking Arabic, French, and English. He holds an MBA from the University of West Florida in the United States and a degree in economics from the American University of Beirut. This kind of knowledge and experience sets Sakan apart from other real estate agents in Lebanon.

With his extensive knowledge of real estate dynamics, Mr. El Hassan is able to maneuver the ever-changing environment with accuracy and insight. This level of expertise and experience distinguishes Sakan from other real estate brokers in Lebanon and serves as the foundation for the superior service we offer to our esteemed clients.

You have access to a team of committed professionals who go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations when you choose Sakan Real Estate for your real estate needs in Lebanon. With the help of our broad network and market knowledge, we guarantee a quick, easy process that will make working with us on your property a truly rewarding experience.

Our dedication to innovation never wavers as we develop and broaden our product offerings. Sakan Real Estate uses cutting-edge technology to improve your experience searching for properties and to make the leasing, buying, and selling processes easier. We are committed to staying on top of developments so that we can offer you the smoothest and most efficient real estate transactions.

Frequently Asking Queries

In case of a successful deal Sakan real estate fees would be:
2.5% from the sale price to be charged to the seller and 2.5% from the sale price to be charged to the buyer So in total, our fees would be 5% of the sale price to be charged from the seller and from the buyer.

The market may have a significant impact on whether agent commissions are negotiable. Commissions may decline because properties are simpler to sell in a flourishing real estate market. Conversely, an agent may be less willing to negotiate on the fee when the market is tight.

The ratio of a seller’s agent’s list price to the selling price is one aspect that says a lot about him or her. This ratio is calculated by contrasting the property’s initial list price with the final selling price. A competent agent will bring this number with them; the general rule is to select an agent whose ratio is as near to 100% as feasible, indicating that his home’s final selling prices have generally been in line with the listing pricing.

A real estate agent can help you sell your house more effectively because of his connections to marketing tools. Ask each agent you interview to describe his strategy for marketing your home to buyers. An agent should be experienced enough so that he offers your house widespread exposure to potential purchasers and real estate agents in Lebanon.

For this purpose, you should always request references from your real estate agents in Lebanon whether you’re buying or selling a house. Ask some of the references who have previously worked with the agency about their experiences by giving them a call. Performed they appreciated the effort he did for them, was it simple to contact him or not, he kept them well-informed, right? And would they suggest him to other people?

A positive review from a previous customer will give you an excellent indication of if the agent is worth your time since in the real estate market, word-of-mouth referrals are equivalent to gold.

Sakan Real Estate’s founder, Mr. Imad El Hassan, has extensive knowledge and experience that truly sets us apart from other real estate brokers in Lebanon. Mr. El Hassan brings a distinct perspective on real estate dynamics with his decades of experience in real estate and finance in Lebanon, Europe, and the USA.

This enables us to navigate the constantly shifting market landscape with accuracy and insight and offer our clients top-notch service. Your property journey will be a rewarding experience thanks to our dedication to excellence and personalized approach, which ensures that we go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations.

We at Sakan Real Estate are aware of how important it is for our clients’ transactions to go smoothly and quickly. Working with us on your property needs in Lebanon will be quick and simple thanks to our extensive network and in-depth market knowledge. From property search to deal closing, our team of dedicated professionals is always available to help you.

Additionally, we use cutting-edge technology and creative approaches to enhance your experience when looking for properties and speed up the leasing, purchasing, and selling processes. You can be sure that Sakan Real Estate will handle your real estate transactions with the utmost care and effectiveness.

The founder of Sakan Real Estate, Mr. Imad El Hassan, is fluent in Arabic, French, and English. We can effectively communicate with and serve clients from a variety of backgrounds thanks to our multilingual ability, whether they are locals or foreign investors looking for property in Lebanon.

At Sakan Real Estate, we take great pride in our ability to overcome language barriers and facilitate smooth interactions with our clients, giving them the comfort and confidence they need as they navigate the Lebanon real estate market