Property in Lebanon Outside Beirut 0 Mount Lebanon, Bekaa Valley, South Lebanon

An increasing number of clients are looking at areas outside the capital in which to invest. Whether you have family or business ties to certain regions or not, living and investing in Lebanon has much to recommend it.

Mount Lebanon growing steadily in popularity, with houses and apartments readily available, along with land for development, and prices more reasonable than elsewhere. A beautiful region that offers everything from cross-country skiing and hiking to historical sites, nature reserves and thriving holiday centers.

Bekaa Valley again good value, with prices more affordable than in Beirut, and large plots of land available for long-term investment. The Bekaa Valley was the breadbasket of the Roman Empire, and today is famed for its wineries, ancient monuments, ecotourism initiatives and beautiful landscapes.

South Lebanonoffers excellent value for long-term investment and property development. The South of the country is rich in cultural and religious sites, and includes the historic city of Sidon, famed for its engraved furniture and wooden boxes, copper and brass trays and ebony and bone-handled cutlery. There?s also Tyre, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its spectacular Roman ruins, not to mention its coastal nature reserve.