Real Estate Investment In Lebanon: Making The Most Of Your Investment

Sakan Real Estate is on its journey of becoming the best real estate company in Lebanon. We help clients to get the most suitable choice for their real estate requirements in Beirut and Lebanon. Customer Satisfaction is the approach we take when we make any decision while doing our job. That’s why Sakan is becoming the best choice of people when it comes to real estate investment in Lebanon.

We also assist investors who want to assemble a portfolio of residential or commercial properties in Lebanon. Mr. Imad el Hassan, our founder, is very skilled and experienced in helping clients optimize their profits. Additionally, he may organize feasibility studies, and offer guidance on zoning laws, and other things. We, at Sakan Real Estate believe in making our customers our family.

We have property all across Lebanon, including Mount Lebanon, the Bekaa Valley, and other areas, so it’s not only Beirut that we cover and we are among the top names when it comes to real estate investment in Lebanon.

We also work with a lot of foreign investors, and we can provide advice on international tax and financing for buying property in Lebanon. Please visit our international investor’s website for more information. Real estate investment in Lebanon also offers a promising prospect for those seeking a blend of historical charm and modern growth.

Our Objective

Investing in Lebanese Property From Overseas

The real estate industry in the 21st century is driven by a ‘Customer-Centric’ mindset and we work upon the same ideology. Giving priority to our customers’ requirements is our purpose. We have a team, which have expertise in every area of real estate and is practical and realistic. Our team suggests every idea to our client with every logic that makes selling and buying property in a specific area beneficial to our customers. Our sole purpose is not only to get profit from real estate investment in Lebanon but also to make our clients so satisfied that they choose us whenever they have any requirement regarding real estate.  We will not compromise on our dedication even when we are the first thought in the mind of a person when he thinks anything related to real estate.

Our objective is to provide you with the most profitable investment opportunities available on the local market, ensuring the highest possible returns on your real estate investment in Lebanon.Our competitive advantage in real estate Beirut development or renovation projects comes from our solid local contractor and architect partnerships. We take great pride in providing outstanding results that effectively and flawlessly realize your vision.

Why to Trust Us?

Our team of specialists has in-depth knowledge of regional market trends, which enables us to provide specialized investment opportunities in Lebanon real estate that are suited to specific investor preferences. We promise smooth project execution because we have solid relationships with reliable architects and contractors. To ensure well-informed investment decisions, our seasoned professionals help with property valuation, market analysis, and negotiation strategies. Moreover, we offer complete construction and development services thanks to our strong partnerships in Lebanon. We are committed to tailoring our services to your unique needs because we recognize how distinctive each real estate endeavor is. We, at Sakan Real Estate, not only focus on building our strong presence in the market but also focus on how to make our client’s real estate investment in Lebanon fruitful keeping the upcoming trends and developments in the real estate industry in the future.

Investing in Lebanese Property From Overseas

A Network of Motivated Professionals

We strive hard to get the best results for our clients. At Sakan Real Estate, you will get the solutions to all your requirements at all levels almost in every location across Lebanon. We prioritize listening to our customer’s thoughts. Thus we have to make sure that we are responsive to them as soon as possible with a beneficial and unique solution. With expanding our business across Lebanon, we are focusing on understanding what people want, when they think about buying, renting, or selling property.

Please get in touch with us if you want a tailored consultation for your property needs in Lebanon. We are here to use our knowledge and commitment to help you realize your real estate goals.

Frequently Asked Question's


What are the financing options available for real estate investors in Lebanon?

Whether it’s through local banks, international lenders, or other financial institutions, knowing the available financing options, interest rates, and loan terms will help investors make informed decisions and optimize their investment strategies in the Lebanese real estate market.

What types of properties are popular for investment in Lebanon?

The Lebanese real estate market offers a variety of investment opportunities, including residential, commercial, and rental properties. Understanding the demand and potential returns for each property type is crucial. Additionally, factors such as location, amenities, and market trends play a significant role in determining the popularity of specific property types.

What are the key factors to consider before investing in real estate in Lebanon?

Before diving into real estate investment in Lebanon, it’s crucial to assess factors such as local economic stability, legal regulations, potential for capital appreciation, and the geopolitical situation. Understanding the market trends, property values, and the overall investment climate will help you make informed decisions.

Are there restrictions on foreign nationals investing in Lebanese real estate?

Lebanon has specific regulations regarding foreign ownership of real estate. Potential investors should be aware of any restrictions, legal requirements, and limitations that may apply to non-Lebanese individuals or entities looking to invest in the country’s real estate market.