Sakan is a top choice for those looking to buy residential properties in Beirut, which has become highly desirable since the end of the war in 1990. We help Lebanese expatriates fulfil their dream of owning property in Lebanon and also serve clients already based in Beirut. We offer a wide range of residential properties and provide expertise to ensure fast and smooth sales. We are known for offering comprehensive assistance to Lebanese expats throughout the purchasing process. We aim to make the real estate journey easy and enjoyable for all clients.

Premium Residential properties for sale in Beirut

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Premium Residential Properties in Beirut- Buy, Sell or Rent a Home in Beirut - More Choice, Great Value

Beirut’s residential properties are consistently in high demand, and at Sakan, we are proud to be the top choice for those seeking to purchase a home in this dynamic city. Since the end of the war in 1990, Beirut has undergone a remarkable transformation, once again becoming a highly desirable place to reside.

At Sakan, we recognize the strong ties Lebanese individuals have to their homeland. Many who left during the conflict are now eager to own property in Lebanon. We maintain close connections with Lebanese expatriates, assisting them in realizing their dream of owning a home in their native land. Additionally, many of our clients are already established in Beirut, taking advantage of the city’s thriving real estate market.

We welcome anyone interested in buying or selling a home to reach out to us. Our diverse portfolio includes a wide array of residential properties, ranging from new-build apartments to homes in some of Beirut’s most coveted neighborhoods.

Our expertise ensures that sales proceed quickly and smoothly, offering a seamless experience for our clients. For Lebanese expats, we provide comprehensive assistance with all aspects of the purchasing process, including surveying, tax advice, mortgage guidance, and more. At Sakan, we are committed to making your real estate journey as effortless and enjoyable as possible.