Sale Land Beirut

The business outlook in Beirut is favorable, which is why more and more people are opening businesses, or branches of existing organizations, in the city. However, with real estate prices high in the most desirable districts of Beirut, it can make good business sense to rent rather than buy commercial premises. Whether you want a house to rent, a flat, a retail shop, a restaurant bar, or simply office space, furnished or unfurnished, Sakan Real Estate is the best choice for you to get the best Beirut commercial property rental services. Our long experience and wide range of contacts means we can access the right rental properties for your requirements. We can also access warehouses, showrooms, and other commercial spaces for rent at reasonable prices in the commercial property market in Beirut. Sakan is a well-established company in Beirut’s  real estate market and has been in the business for years. Thus we have specialization and a sharp eye for what a customer will demand when someone is looking for a commercial property. Sakan isthe best choice for you to get the best services regarding Beirut commercial property rental.

We have a range of the best Beirut commercial property rental services from office buildings to luxury hotels restaurants and cafes at the cost you will want to pay for the amenities provided within these spaces and the location of these properties. The range of our properties includes office buildings, retail spaces, hotels and restaurants, industrial properties, medical buildings, automotive properties, and entertainment venues whether furnished or non-furnished, all situated at such locations that it will be profitable and manageable for you. The properties also include multifamily spaces and houses for the requirements of both big and small families, considering the safety of families with children. Safety and Comfort is our priority when it comes to families and children. All these properties are accompanied by demanding services at reasonable prices. The services include proximity of the location, the sufficient size and layout, and maintenance services if required for the condition of the property sometimes. The parking facilities and amenities are a must we include with the properties. The safety and security charges will be refundable. Even after checking the property and the facilities, if any kind of negotiation is required we are open to it including lease renewal options and the ability to make alterations to the space.
Connect with Sakan Real Estate for the best services regarding Beirut commercial property rental and we will not disappoint you at any factor.


Whether you are a start-up, expanding your business, or simply need a flexible workspace in Beirut’s real estate area, Sakan Real Estate’s Beirut commercial property rental services are perfect for the city’s competitive market. Discover a world of opportunity with prime locations and well-equipped spaces tailored to your unique business needs. Our user-friendly website makes searching, booking, and managing commercial rental properties transparent and easy, so you dosen’t have to go anywhere to meet your requirements. You don’t have to worry about rental contracts or paperwork. Our easy process allows you to focus on what matters most: growing your business. From modern offices to versatile conference rooms, we offer the perfect environment for productivity. Enjoy the benefits of a professional environment without the high costs. Grow your business with Sakan Real Estate’s success-focused, affordable, and flexible commercial rental services. From leasing high-profile office spaces in bustling business districts to securing strategic retail locations, the company’s Beirut commercial property rental services navigate the intricate landscape with finesse. We go beyond traditional real estate transactions, incorporating innovative technologies to provide clients with in-depth market analyses, predictive trends, and investment opportunities.

With a commitment to fostering long-term partnerships, the company prioritizes client satisfaction, ensuring a seamless experience from property identification to final negotiations. As Horizon Estates enters its second year, it continues to redefine industry standards, promising clients not just a property, but a strategic asset that aligns seamlessly with their commercial goals. The anniversary marks a milestone in the company’s journey, solidifying its reputation as a trusted partner in the dynamic world of commercial real estate.