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Leading real estate firm Sakan Real Estate in Beirut specializes in the purchase and sale of land as well as the sale and leasing of both commercial and residential buildings, including new construction. We can assist you if you are interested in property in Lebanon, whether you are an expatriate Lebanese living in Beirut or are from anywhere else in the world.

Our customers range from singles and couples seeking their first apartment to those looking to rent or buy larger homes or land for investment purposes. The property purchasing process, which may be challenging and confusing for a novice, is something that many purchasers have no idea about. Because of this, it’s critical to provide them with thorough answers to even their most fundamental but fundamental queries.

Our services

Sakan Real Estate offers a full selection of property services, not just in Beirut, but across Lebanon. Whether you?re looking for property to buy, sell, rent or let, and whether you want an apartment, house or villa, a commercial property or land to develop, we're here to help.

Beirut Residential Property Sales

Residential property has always been a specialty of ours. Since the end of the war in 1990, Beirut has transformed, and today it’s once again a highly desirable place to live.

Beirut Real Estate

With Beirut real estate prices expensive, many people find that renting an apartment or larger home is an excellent option. We have a good number of rental properties available, both short-term and long-term, and in many desirable Beirut neighborhoods.

Buying And Selling Land

Beirut land has become highly desirable in recent years, with prices to match. However prices for plots of land in the outer suburbs and on the outskirts of the city are more reasonable.

Beirut Commercial Property Sales

With Beirut once more peaceful and prospering, the outlook for business is positive. For long-term investment, buying makes more sense than renting, and shops, restaurants and other retail premises in good areas can be hard to find, as can office buildings, showrooms, warehouses and so on.

Property Elsewhere in Lebanon

An increasing number of clients are looking at areas outside the capital in which to invest. Whether you have family or business ties to certain regions or not, living and investing in Lebanon has much to recommend it.

Beirut Commericial Property rental

The business outlook in Beirut is favorable, why is more and more people are opening businesses, or branches of existing organizations, in the city.

Sakan Real Estate in Lebanon - Agents, Broker, Realtors in Beirut

We are able to provide a wide variety of properties across various neighborhoods, from busy urban centers to tranquil suburban communities and picturesque rural locations, thanks to our extensive knowledge of the Lebanon real estate market. We have the ideal property in Lebanon waiting for you, no matter what your preferences and financial constraints may be.

Our goal is to not only assist you in finding the ideal property but also to make sure you are confident and at ease as you begin this thrilling journey. From the beginning of your property search to the conclusion of the transaction and beyond, the team of seasoned professionals at Sakan Real Estate is always available to help.

Sakan Real Estate is your devoted partners in making it happen, whether you’re looking to find your dream home in Lebanon or invest in profitable real estate opportunities. Discover our wide selection of properties and get in touch with us right away to start your fascinating journey through the world of property in Lebanon. We guarantee that your real estate endeavors will be profitable and fulfilling if Sakan Real Estate is by your side.

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Frequently Asking Queries

Depending on what you want in a home, both choices offer advantages. The best option right now is to buy a freshly constructed home because there aren’t many listings and it’s a seller’s market. However, because everything in such a house is spanking new, it frequently sells for more money. Additionally, they frequently reside in newly developed or less well-established communities.

Yes, the seller or buyer may terminate the contract, which is the clear answer to this issue. However, there are two instances in which any party may cancel. A provision that specifies consequences for the party that violates the contract and cancels the agreement may be included in contracts before they are signed, even if they do not impose punitive conditions on either party and just allude to termination of the agreement.

Buyers want to receive the best deal possible while selling their present house as well as save money on the purchase of a new one. Because of this, clever real estate brokers provide purchasers with a complimentary market report that provides an estimate of the price at which they may sell their house.

Whether to purchase or rent a home is typically the first thing a prospective homeowner asks. Renting a property is undoubtedly less expensive and labor-intensive, but purchasing a home has more long-term advantages. Posting a thorough blog on the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing or renting a property on your website is a terrific method to educate a prospective homeowner.

The duration of the real estate purchasing or selling process is influenced by several factors. The season you start looking for a home or listing it for sale is the most crucial of these variables.

Like other investment markets, the real estate market is driven by the law of supply and demand. During certain times of the year, real estate is in high demand. It is impossible to pinpoint a precise time since it might change depending on the conditions of each season. It can take you a week to discover the perfect house for you, or it might take months.